[Answer] Examine and describe the image above. What type of relief sculpture is it? Justify your answers.

Answer: There are there figures two of which look like females who are looking at the center figure placing his hat/crown on his head. There are many carved symbols surrounding the figures that are most likely some type of language. This is a sunken relief. Its figures and images are carved into the flat background.
Examine and describe the image above. What type of relief sculpture is it? Justify your answers.

Relief is a sculptural technique where the sculpted elements remain attached to a solid background of the same material. The term relief is from the Latin verb relevo to raise.To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane. What is actually performed when a relief is cut in from a flat surface of stone ( relief …

A rock relief or rock-cut relief is a relief sculpture carved on solid or “living rock” such as a cliff rather than a detached piece of stone. They are a category of rock art and sometimes found as part of or in conjunction with rock-cut architecture. However they tend to be omitted in most works on rock art which concentrate on engravings and paintings by prehistoric peoples.

A pediment is an architectural element found particularly in Classical Neoclassical and Baroque architecture and its derivatives consisting of a gable usually of a triangular shape placed above the horizontal structure of the lintel or entablature if supported by columns.The tympanum the triangular area within the pediment is often decorated with relief sculpture .

An altarpiece is an artwork such as a painting sculpture or relief representing a religious subject made for placing behind the altar of a Christian church. Though most commonly used for a single work of art such as a painting or sculpture or a set of them the word can also be used of the whole ensemble…

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