[Answer] Entering a .12 gauge shotgun in ncic?

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Entering a .12 gauge shotgun in ncic?

Shotguns intended for all-round hunting are a compromise but a 72 to 74 cm (28 to 29 in) barrel pump-action 12 – gauge shotgun with a modified choke can serve admirably for use as one gun intended for general all-round hunting of small-game such as quails …

United States v. Miller – Wikipedia

Firearms regulation in Mexico – Wikipedia

United States v. Miller – Wikipedia

Shotguns in all their calibers and models except those with a barrel length shorter than 25 inches and calibers greater than 12 gauge . Triple-barrel shotguns in the calibers authorized in the preceding section with a barrel for metallic cartridges of different caliber.

The “double barrel 12 – gauge Stevens shotgun having a barrel less than 18 inches in length bearing identification number 76230 ” was never used in any militia organization. Neither the defendants nor their legal counsel appeared at the Supreme Court. A lack of financial support and procedural irregularities prevented counsel from traveling.

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