[Answer] email flaming

Answer: an email flame is an abusive message about another person. Abusive messages
could be insults or other personal attacks.
email flaming
How do I stop flaming emails? Think about your reader. This applies to both writing and reading. Use email etiquette. Create context. Avoid the past tense. Don’t just mirror; align. Be collaborative not confrontational. Explain your feelings rather than expressing them.
When used as a verb “Flaming” is online slang used to describe when an onliner “sends an angry critical or disparaging email”. Back then you were flamed for what today would be considered benign issues. Things like breaking forum rules because it was clear you didn’t take the time to read them. Then there are and always will be trolls.
Instead of flaming help them feel special. Yes it’s counter-intuitive and it takes maturity and a conscious decision to take the high road. Think about content and intent the next time you send an email. You’ll not only be less likely to flame you’ll be less likely to inflame.
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