[Answer] eisschokolade

Answer: chocolate sundae
How to make German Eisschokolade Make the Hot Chocolate mixture. In a medium sauce pot combine the milk heavy cream sugar and cocoa powder. Stirring frequently bring the mixture to a brief boil over medium/high heat. While the milk is heating up finely chop the chocolate and place it in a medium sized heat safe bowl.
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Just don’t confuse this Iced Chocolate drink with the German chocolate confection which sometimes gets referred to by the same name even though the full name for candy is Eisschokolade Konfekt or sometimes Eiskonfekt. The confection is a lovely piece of chocolate that literally melts in your mouth way better than any M&M ever would due to …
Eisschokolade is a classic German summertime drink. It’s basically a gussied-up chocolate milk for hot weather: chocolate milk and ice cream in a tall glass served with a straw. When we spent our summers in Germany we would sometimes go to a nice Elbe-side restaurant and sit on the patio.
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1 Kaffeepause auf der Terrasse am Vormittag mit Eistee Eiskaffee Eisschokolade phb.reacore.net 1 coffee break on the terrace in the morning with iced tea iced coffee ice…

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