[Answer] economical

Answer: économique
Scrabble Points: 16
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economical : [adjective] marked by careful efficient and prudent use of resources : thrifty.
Economical or Economical Insurance includes the following companies: Definity Insurance Company Petline Insurance Company Sonnet Insurance Company Family Insurance Solutions Inc. Perth Insurance Company Waterloo Insurance Company and The Missisquoi Insurance Company.
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Define economical . economical synonyms economical pronunciation economical translation English dictionary definition of economical . adj. 1. Designed or functioning …
economical definition: 1. not using a lot of fuel money etc.: 2. not using a lot of fuel money etc.: 3. not using a…. Learn more.
An economical climate or an economic option makes this sentence nonsensical. Another helpful hint is to tie economical to physical objects. This works for most nouns: our economical car from the previous example an economical way to make a meal or an economical w…

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