[Answer] dynamic character

Answer: a character that displays fundamental change
dynamic character
Definition of Dynamic Character Like a round character a dynamic character also undergoes changes throughout the narrative due to conflicts he encounters on his journey. A dynamic character faces trials and tribulations and takes time to learn from his encounters his experiences and his mistakes as well as from other characters.
A dynamic character can show how life experiences (especially adverse ones) can create change and build character. The changes a character undergoes are not just part of character development but can move the plot forward as well setting new conflicts into motion or resolving old ones.
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How to write a dynamic character 1. Develop the essentials first. The first step to writing any character but especially a dynamic one is to get their… 2. Give them realistic motivations. Another critical component of dynamic character creation is motivation.In order for… 3. Add some internal …
A dynamic character is a character that changes. A round character is a character that is well-developed. They are fleshed out with a complete backstory motivations flaws etc. The…

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