[Answer] During a hole-up what is your primary concern?

Answer: Security
During a hole-up what is your primary concern?

Volitle compounds (i.e. funky smells) floating around you fridge will slowly dissolve in the water. If taste is your primary concern with filtering your water then you would probably do best to empty the filter every day or two even if you don’t drink all of the water. –Jayron32.talk.contribs 21:34 2 December 2008 (UTC)

In tank battles your primary concern is projected munitions with heavy armor defeating capabilities. This necessitates the heavy armor in the front sides and while to a lesser extent the rear. The tops and bottoms of tanks are the weak points.

And about your primary concern : the radio show is mentioned in the Maclean’s article which is what is cited therefore it is a valid cite. The actual spokeperson on the tape is even namely identified in Nan Mclean’s affidavit which mentions this tape.

As I’ve previously mentioned you also wrote: “You’re trying to make your conspiracy theory appear more plausible.” That statement truly elucidates that your editing of this page editing isn’t concerned with alternative viewpoints but rather your primary concern …

If you are “culturally superior” you absorb your conqueror not get absorbed. Lesson one your political power base’s well being is your primary concern who cares if some subsidy is killing off some shit ass 3rd worlder it’s more impo…

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