[Answer] die E-Mail

Answer: e-mail
die E-Mail
According to the Duden both feminine and neuter genders are possible. My personal experience is that indeed most people use die E-Mail in Germany; according to the comments people tend to say das E-Mail in Austria and Switzerland. Note that the Duden lists the word as E-Mail not Email (the latter being also a German word for enamel ).
Unfortunately in most cases email account contents are deleted after 365 days of inactivity and the account itself is deleted after an additional 1 month; for a total of one year and 1 month. Once that happens we are unable to recover any of the data from the account.
Die meisten E‑Mail -Adressen folgen einer von vielen Formeln. Wenn Sie Vorname Nachname und Domain Ihrer Zielperson kennen können Sie leicht die E‑Mail -Adresse von jemandem erraten. Tatsächlich haben mehr als 70% der E‑Mail -Adressen aus der Liste die ich in meinem obigen Test verwendet habe die einfache Formel [ email protected …
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