[Answer] Danke schön

Answer: thank you very much
Danke schön
The meaning of DANKE SCHOEN is thank you very much.
danke schön . thank you very much; Synonyms . vielen Dank; danke sehr; Related terms . bitte schön (you’re welcome) Dankeschön n (a thank you – noun) nichts zu danken (it was nothing) See also . bitte; tschüss
The upper case exception Danke schön which is recommended (but not required) can be used when expressions of gratitude are referred to with the verb sagen in a sentence in which case the expression is handled grammatically as a noun phrase: Nächste Woche geht es wieder weiter und ich sage Danke schön und Auf Wiedersehen.
Danke schön definition thank you very much. See more.
In German the phrase Danke schön is equivalent to the English expressions ‘thank you very much’ or ‘thank you kindly’. The word Danke means ‘thanks’ and schön means ‘pretty’ ‘lovely’ or ‘nice’.
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