[Answer] Convention of 1800

Answer: Agreement which freed America from its alliance with France, forgave French
$20 million in damages and resulted in Adams’ losing a second term as
Convention of 1800
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The Convention of 1800 also known as the Treaty of Mortefontaine was signed on September 30 1800 by the United States of America and France. The difference in name was due to Congressional sensitivity at entering into treaties due to disputes over the 1778 treaties of Alliance and Commerce between France and the US.
convention of 1800 The convention ended a naval war between the two countries that had developed from France’s resentment over John Jay ‘s Treaty (1794) with England. American attempts to seek rapprochement in 1797 led to the insulting xyz affair in which the French foreign minister Charles Maurice de Talleyrand -PĂ©rigord refused to receive the American commissioners until they paid bribes.
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France – Convention of 1800 : Text of the Treaty Submitted to the Senate December 16 1800 (Message of December 15 1800.) Resolution of advice and consent with proviso February 3 1801.
The treaty document here printed consists first of the treaty which was signed by the respective plenipotentiaries at Paris under date of September 30 1800 and which was submitted to the Senate on December 16 1800 The resolution of the Senate of February 3 1801 (Executive Journal I 377) was as follows:
The Convention of 1800 8 United States Statutes at Large 178 also known as the Treaty of Mortefontaine was a treaty between the United States of America and France to settle the hostilities that had erupted during the Quasi-War. The Quasi-War waged primarily in the Caribbean had existed since the American delegation to France arriving in 1797 had been told that America had to …

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