[Answer] colonization

Answer: microbes colonize on the skin, in the GI tract, Respiratory tract, etc
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Colonization or colonisation refers to large-scale population movements where the migrants maintain strong links with their—or their ancestors’—former country gaining significant privileges over other inhabitants of the territory by such links. When colonization takes place under the protection of colonial structures it may be termed …
The meaning of COLONIZATION is an act or instance of colonizing. How to use colonization in a sentence.
When the European powers set their sights on North America some three hundred years after the so-called discovery of the continent (which for them was the “New World”) it became a location for French and British settlements. The process of assuming control of someone else’s territory and applying one’s own systems of law government and religion is called colonization . Indeed prior …
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Colonization is the act of setting up a colony away from one’s place of origin. Remember when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock? That was the beginning of a period of colonization .
Colonization was an integral part of Roman policy providing land for the poor supporting Roman garrisons and again spreading…

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