[Answer] cinder cone

Answer: a steep cone shaped or mountain made of volcanic ash, cinders, and bombs
piled up around a volcano’s opening
cinder cone
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Cinder Cone a 215 m (700 ft) tall volcanic cone located in the northern part of Lassen Volcanic National Park is the youngest mafic volcano in the Lassen region and the second youngest eruption in the Twin Lakes sequence. Map depicting the location of Cinder Cone within Lassen Volcanic National Park.
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Cinder cones are also known as ash cones. Cinder cones are the type of volcano that is formed by pyroclastic fragments like volcanic ashes solidified lava pieces volcanic clinkers pumice and hot gases. These volcanoes are formed around the volcanic vent and are known to be the simplest form of a volcano.
At the high-fountaining end of the spectrum are cinder cones. Cinder cones can be quite large in Hawai’i; those on the summit of Mauna Kea (formed during gas-rich alkalic-stage eruptions) are a few hundred meters high whereas those on Mauna Loa and Kilauea usually range between 20 and 100 m high.
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Cinder cones are the first kind of volcanoes and are the most common and also simplest types of volcanoes. They are made from the particles & blobs of concealed lava ejected from a single vent. As the gas-charged lava is coming out violently into the air.
Cinder cones form when molten rock known as “magma” approaches Earth’s surface. The magma that forms cinder cones contains a tremendous amount of dissolved gas – and that gas is what powers a cinder cone eruption….

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