[Answer] chikkyo suru (蟄居する)

Answer: to keep indoors, to keep the house
chikkyo suru (蟄居する)
ちっきょ する . chikkyo suru . Hypothetical ( 仮定形 ) 蟄居 すれ. ちっきょすれ. chikkyo sure. Imperative ( 命令形 ) 蟄居 せよ¹. 蟄居 しろ².
する ( suru ): Generic verb used to mean “to do”. Also used to turn nouns into verbs (ex: 勉強 する ”) と (to): The “to” particle has many uses but when placed after a verb in the dictionary form indicates a conditional in the sense of “if”. Putting these things together we get something like “If we do from…”.
suru czasownik Formy gramatyczne … 蟄居 でわありませんでした … chikkyo dewa arimasen deshita
Conjugation of Japanese verb suru – to do make. する . Suru is one of the only two irregular Japanese verbs. It can be combined with verbs of chinese origin and other loan words to form c…

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