[Answer] Chemical properties

Answer: deal with how one chemical reacts with another. We know that wood is
flammable because it becomes ash and carbon dioxide when heated in the
presence of oxygen
Chemical properties
A chemical property is a characteristic of a substance that may be observed when it participates in a chemical reaction. Examples of chemical properties include flammability toxicity chemical stability and heat of combustion. Chemical properties are used to establish chemical classifications which are used in labels on containers and storage areas.
Chemical properties are properties a chemical exhibits when it undergoes a change. This change could be due to a chemical reaction to result in a change of the matter or compound.
Chemical properties are any of the properties of matter that can be observed and measured only by performing a chemical change or chemical reaction. Chemical properties cannot be determined by touching or viewing a sample; the structure of the sample must be altered for the chemical properties to become apparent.
Chemical properties are characteristics of a material that become evident when the material undergoes a chemical reaction or chemical change. People cannot observe chemical properties by simply viewing or touching a sample of the material; the actual structure of the material must be changed in order for people to observe the chemical properties.
Definition of chemical property. : a property o…

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