[Answer] Bradypnea

Answer: slow breathing
What is bradypnea ? Bradypnea is an abnormally slow breathing rate. The normal breathing rate for an adult is typically between 12 and 20 breaths per minute.
The meaning of BRADYPNEA is abnormally slow breathing.
Bradypnea means that a person takes fewer breaths per minute than is usual for their age and activity level. According to experts the normal and abnormal breathing rates for an adult in breaths …
Bradypnea or bradypnoea is a breathing disorder where an individual suffers from abnormal slow breathing. In this case the respiratory rate of breathing decreases to less than 12 breaths per minute. It generally occurs during a sound sleep since the breathing process is quite slow and that’s normal.
bradypnea [brad″e-ne´ah] respirations that are regular in rhythm but sl…

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