[Answer] bitter schon

Answer: may i help you
bitter schon
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English words for Bitte schön include you are welcome and here you go. Find more German words at wordhippo.com!
bitte schön (commonly said in answer to danke schön (“ thank you very much ”); usually not translated into English) don’t mention it not at all you’re welcome (commonly said when offering or returning something; usually not translated into English) would you like? here you are thank you; Synonyms (you’re welcome): bitte sehr gern geschehen
There is no difference in meaning between “bitteschön” and “bitte schön”. There might be a difference from context: “Bitteschön” in response to a “Danke!” would mean what you expect no negative connotation. Giving a “Bitteschön” to a person you helped with no thanks would definitely mean what you found – in any language.
er kann ihr keine Bitte ausschlagen or abschlagen he can’t refuse her anything. er gab den Bitten der Kinder nach he gave in to the children’s pleas. Translation German – English Collins Dictionary. See also: Bitte Bitten Bitter bittend. ” bitte schön “: examples and translations in context.
Bitte schön! (If you please!) opus 372 is a polka composed by Johann Strauss II. The first two themes of the composition incorporate Strauss’ operetta Cagliostro in Wien. The composition was first performed in the summer of 1872. References
Bitte schön schon was gesp…

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