[Answer] Bitte schön?

Answer: may i help you?
Bitte schön?
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bitte schön . (commonly said in answer to danke schön (“thank you very much”); usually not translated into English) don’t mention it not at all you’re welcome. (commonly said when offering or returning something; usually not translated into English) would you like ? here you are thank you.
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bitte schön . So well here you go. Also ich weiß nicht ob… naja bitte schön . So I don’t know if… Well there you go. Frau Ratspräsidentin bitte schön vermitteln Sie das doch dem Rat. I would ask you President-in-Office to convey this to the Council please. Und hier der König bitte schön . And here the king please.
Here you go Mr. Mailing List. Bitte schön Schätzchen du bist wirklich hübsch. There you go honey you’re a real beautiful girl. Bitte schön Ian es ist dein Lieblingsessen. There you go Ian it’s your favorite. Bitte schön ! Dieses kleine Baby hat eine Menge Pferdestärken.
There is no difference in meaning between “bitteschön” and “bitte schön” There might be a difference from context: “Bitteschön” in response to a “Danke!” would mean what you expect…

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