[Answer] Bacilli

Answer: rod-shaped or elongated
Bacilli are spore-forming bacteria which are usually associated with spoilage of sterilized food due to the survival of their spores in the heating process. When spores exposed to a warm moist environment they germinate and cause decay of baked food. Bacilli including B. licheniformis and B.
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Bacilli are gram-positive rod-shaped bacteria that can be helpful or harmful to humans. Learn the definition of bacilli and discover the different types and examples of the bacteria including …
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Define bacilli . bacilli synonyms bacilli pronunciation bacilli translation English dictionary definition of bacilli . n. pl. ba·cil·li 1. Any of various bacteria …
Bacilli is a taxonomic class of bacteria that includes two orders Bacillales and Lactobacillales which contain several well-known pathogens such as Bacillus anthracis (the cause of anthrax ). Bacilli are almost exclusively gram-positive bacteria. The name Bacillus capitalized and italicized refers to a specific genus of bacteria.
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