[Answer] Avoir

Answer: to have
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The French irregular verb avoir which means “to have” is one of the most frequently used of all French verbs. Avoir is also an auxiliary verb which means it’s used to form compound tenses such as the passé composé.
Avoir is one of the most important French verbs – here’s how to conjugate it into every tense and mood. Present. Imperfect. Future. Conditional. Subjunctive. Imperfect subj. j’. ai.
avoir translate: to have to have to be to trick to take in to have credit note have have have have have…. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English …
Avoir is the French verb that means “to have”. But it has so much more than that going for it! For one thing as you probably know already avoir is the most common auxiliary (helping) verb in French.
Avoir is an irregular French verb that means “to have.” The multitalented verb avoir is omnipresent in the French written and spoken langu…

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