[Answer] at the risk of one’s life

Answer: inochigake no (命がけの)
at the risk of one’s life
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Definition of risk one’s life. : to do something very dangerous that could result in one’s death She risked her life to help him.
At- risk students (n = 65) identified by school officials participated in a school-based mentoring program ( One Life ) designed to reduce substance use and impact social ecological risk factors. Compared to controls (n = 29) participants indicated reductions in 30-day use of tobacco (p = 0.037) alcohol (p = 0.001) and inhalants (p < 0.001). One country in North Africa — Tunisia — is experiencing its fourth wave. The continent with a population of 1.3 billion people has recorded almost 7.6 million cases and at least 191 000 ... NEW YORK 20 August 2021 – Young people living in the Central African Republic Chad Nigeria Guinea and Guinea-Bissau are the most at risk of the impacts of climate change threatening their health education and protection and exposing them to deadly diseases according to a UNICEF report launched today. Actuarial L...

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