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Answer: took power from king
Assembly of Notables
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The Assembly of Notables was an advisory council summoned by France’s king Louis XVI during the fiscal crisis of the late 1780s. As its name suggests it was comprised of significant figures from the First and Second Estates. The king hoped the Notables would endorse the tax reforms proposed by his ministers.
An Assembly of Notables (French: Assemblée des notables) was a group of high-ranking nobles ecclesiastics and state functionaries convened by the King of France on extraordinary occasions to consult on matters of state. Assemblymen were prominent men usually of the aristocracy and included royal princes peers archbishops high-ranking judges and in some cases major town officials.
The Assembly of Notables that Calonne had suggested met in February 1787. The minister presented a program that offered the country’s upper classes some voice in lawmaking in exchange for their consent to the abolition of many traditional privileges particularly the nobility’s immunity to taxes. Although….
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Assembly of Notables. Assembly of Notables Mexican council that offered the crown to Archduke Maximilian. On 16 June 1863 General Élie-Frédéric Forey ordered the establishment of a thirty-five-member Junta Suprema de Gobierno. This provisional junta appointed a three-man executive power which consisted of Juan Nepomuceno Almonte Mariano Salas and Archbishop Pelagio Antonio de Labastida and then designated the 215 members of an Assembly of Notables.
Assembly of Notables — Crozier On Stuff. The final appearance of the Assembly of Notables began in February 1787 during Louis XVI ‘s reign during which France’s finances were in a…

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