[Answer] As you enter an acceleration lane you should __________ to match that of vehicles in the through lanes.

Answer: increase your speed
As you enter an acceleration lane you should __________ to match that of vehicles in the through lanes.
An acceleration lane or merge lane allows traffic entering a highway to accelerate to the speed of through traffic before merging with it. A deceleration lane is a lane adjacent to the primary road or street used to improve traffic safety by allowing drivers to pull out of the through lane …
A high-occupancy vehicle lane (also known as an HOV lane carpool lane diamond lane 2+ lane and transit lane or T2 or T3 lanes ) is a restricted traffic lane reserved for the exclusive use of vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers including carpools vanpools and transit buses. These restrictions may be only imposed during peak travel times or may apply at all times.
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A managed lane is a type of highway lane that is operated with a management scheme such as lane use restrictions or variable tolling to optimize traffic flow vehicle throughput or both.Definitions and goals vary among transport agencies but managed lanes are generally implemented to achieve an improved operational condition on a highway such as improving traffic speed and throughput …
Traffic congestion is a condition in transport that is characterised by slower speeds longer trip times and increased vehicular queueing.Traffic congestion on urban road networks has increased substantially since the 1950s. When traffic demand is great enough that the interaction between vehicles slows the speed of the traffic stream this results in some congestion.
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