[Answer] as . . . as

Answer: aussi . . . que
as . . . as
As … as – English Grammar Today – a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage – Cambridge Dictionary
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1. in comparisons. When you are comparing one person or thing to another you can use as followed by an adjective or adverb followed by another as.
State equivalent aspects of the quality of two items or the manner of two actions with ‘the same (noun) as’ and ‘as (adjective / adverb) as.
As … as – gramática inglés y uso de palabras en “English Grammar Today” – Cambridge University Press
English How to use as … as Using As … as in English Example Sentences with As … as USING AS… AS ** The as… as pattern is used to indicate whether two objects or two people are similar or different and an adjective must be brought int…

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