[Answer] altercation

Answer: N: A loud and determined dispute; a noisy quarrel.
Word Origin late Middle English: from Latin altercatio(n-) from the verb altercari (see altercate).
Scrabble Points: 13
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Altercation definition is – a noisy heated angry dispute; also : noisy controversy. How to use altercation in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of altercation .
Some common synonyms of altercation are quarrel squabble and wrangle. While all these words mean “a noisy dispute usually marked by anger ” altercation implies fighting with words as the chief weapon although it may also connote blows. a loud public altercation Where would quarrel be a reasonable alternative to altercation?
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Altercation definition a heated or angry dispute; noisy argument or controversy. See more.
altercation noun argument row clash disagreement dispute controversy contention quarrel squabble wrangle bickering discord dissensio…

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