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Answer: inkina (陰気な)
a sly fox
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When you achieve A Sly Fox with the third successful rescue Sly will be delivered to your mailbox. The hidden quests that mark the completion of one rescue of Sly don’t reset. Another hidden quest is obviously there to make sure that players can’t speed up the process because it’s flagged completed for the span of a whole Kyrian Assault if you were interacting with Sly.
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A Sly Fox is awarded to players who find Sly across three Kyrian Assaults on Cocyrus and Zovaal’s Cauldron in the Maw. This is one of the criteria of the meta-achievement [On the Offensive]. To start find Orator Kloe at [42.1 44.5] with two vulpin kits at the Kyrian camp: The new adopted kits were playing so well together.
Complete the A Sly Fox Achievement and earn your new pet while you can! A Sly Fox is a new achievement in patch 9.1 Chains of Domination which will award players a new Fox pet however it will take a few weeks to complete. Steps of this achievement can only be completed when the Kyrian assault is active and you will need to do it three times before you are able to finish all the steps.
Sly Fox was a short-lived American pop duo consisting of Gary “Mudbone” Cooper and Michael Camacho. The duo came to prominence in the mid 1980s with their UK/U.S. Top 10 hit single “Let’s Go All the Way”. They released one studio album of the same name which charted within the U.S. Top 40 and a couple of subsequent singles before breaking up.
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