[Answer] a prayer, grace

Answer: inoru (祈る)
a prayer grace
By understanding fully what the Bible teaches about grace you will come to see God fully. What does the Bible actually say about grace? It is mentioned 150+ times in the Bible.
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Prayer for Grace and Guidance Jesus my Savior my every path is in accordance with Your will. Although I feel like the direction of my life could change any minute I know that You are truly in control. Lead me by Your Holy Spirit and keep me from straying to the right or the left.
Lord have mercy on me and my Generations make me a blessing to my Generation Let Your Grace abide with me and my Generation Let not the foot of pride come against me let not your Grace depart from me…fill my soul with sufficient and divine Grace…Let your divine grace help me radiate your Glory…give me Wisdom Knwoledge and Understanding to hold on to your Grace…let your Grace Abide with me forever God.
Prayers for God’s grace are what He desires. When we pray for grace we are going to him with our troubles. We are trusting in Him and being honest about what we are going through the mistakes we are making and more. When we are praying for grace for others we are also relying on God to protect the people we love.
Grace that forgives without any help from you or me. Grace that is undeserved and simply to be received with gratitude and joy. It’s grace that changes our behavior not our behavior that gains grace. So I’m hoping you’ll join me as I turn to God’s Word for a daily…

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