[Answer] A nuclide of mc012-1.jpg absorbs a positron. Which is the resulting atom?

Answer: D – 64 30 Zn
A nuclide of mc012-1.jpg absorbs a positron. Which is the resulting atom?

Positron emission or beta plus decay (β + decay) is a subtype of radioactive decay called beta decay in which a proton inside a radionuclide nucleus is converted into a neutron while releasing a positron and an electron neutrino (ν e). Positron emission is mediated by the weak force.The positron is a type of beta particle (β +) the other beta particle being the electron (β −) emitted …

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Electron capture (K-electron capture also K-capture or L-electron capture L-capture) is a process in which the proton-rich nucleus of an electrically neutral atom absorbs an inner atomic electron usually from the K or L electron shells.This process thereby changes a nuclear proton to a neutron and simultaneously causes the emission of an electron neutrino.

Positron emission or electron capture (decay moves atom one place diagonally down and to right) A table or chart of nuclides is a two-dimensional graph of isotopes of the elements in which one axis represents the number of neutrons (symbol N ) and the other represents the number of protons (atomic number symbol Z ) in the atomic nucleus .

) is known as the daughter nuclide . Another example is the decay of hydrogen-3 into helium-3 with a half-life of about 12.3 years: 3 1 H → 3 2 He + e − + ν e. An example of positron emission (β + decay) is the decay of magnesium-23 into sodium-23 with a half-life …

The four most common modes of radioactive decay are: alpha decay beta decay inverse beta decay (considered as both positron emission and electron capture) and isomeric transition.Of these decay processes only alpha decay changes the atomic mass number (A) of the nucleus and always decreases it by four.Because of this almost any decay will result in a nucleus whose atomic mass number has ……

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