[Answer] a flowerless plant, a cryptogam

Answer: inkei (陰茎)
a flowerless plant a cryptogam
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Cryptogams are flowerless and seedless plants. These plants bear no flowers and fruits. Cryptogams include all non-seed bearing plants. A.W. Eichler in 1883 classified the whole plant kingdom into two sub-kingdoms such as cryptogams and phanerogams. This is traditional of classification of plants. Characteristic Features of Cryptogamae
Definitions of cryptogam . noun. formerly recognized taxonomic group including all flowerless and seedless plants that reproduce by means of spores: ferns mosses algae fungi. see more.
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cryp•to•gam. (ˈkrɪp təˌgæm) n. a plant that bears no true flowers or seeds and that reproduces by spores as the ferns mosses fungi and algae. [1840–50; < New Latin Cryptogamia. See crypto - -gamy] cryp`to•gam′ic cryp•tog′a•mous (-ˈtɒg ə məs) adj. A cryptogam is a plant that reproduces by spores and it is without flowers or seeds. Cryptogamae means hidden reproduction which ref...

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