[Answer] a certificate of one’s seal impression

Answer: inkashokubutsu (隠花植物)
a certificate of one’s seal impression
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The company seal impression certificate is a document publicly certifying the company seal that has been registered. This certificate is used to confirm whether or not company seals placed on applications filings contracts etc. have been placed there with legitimate authorization from the company; the certificate may be obtained from the Legal Affairs Bureau after completion of establishment registration.
Registration of a seal impression/Certificate of Seal Impression. In Korea a registered seal impression and Certificate of Seal Impression are necessary to carry out financial transactions (sales…
with the approved impression seals may be used by the registrant where the use of an impression seal is not specifically required. B. Description of Firm’s Seal. (1) The seal evidencing issuance of a Certificate of Authorization by this Board shall be at least 1 1/2 inches in diameter and similar to that prescribed for the Board. In
This seal is used to verify the identity of the person concerned. A “Seal” is ‘a print of a seal’ already stamped for comparison purpose which is different to a stamp. A person who wants to obtain a certificate of seal can declare a seal to the governing dong office and the person can receive the registered “legal seal’ as necessary.
Official signature — Official seal — Seal impression . (1) In completing a notarial act a notary shall si…

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